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Consulting Services

Among other activities we offer a range of consulting services, including:

  • economic feasibility

  • grant writing assistance

  • investment facilitation

  • program and project evaluation

  • regional skills and labour solutions

  • skills and training needs assessment

  • workforce strategy and planning

  • workplace culture health checks.


Our CEO Michael Claessens:

  • led a major program of evaluation of NSW government’s Biosecurity and Food Safety programs

  • previously been General Manager of Agrifood Skills Solutions

  • trained as an economist

  • worked as a management consultant 

  • wide experience at a senior level in Federal Government including international investment attraction, high technology, agriculture and food industry policy and the tourism and aviation industries

  • had responsibility for running multi-million dollar national projects and programs, involving hundreds of individual companies and expansive regional networks

  • was the architect of a break-through energy sustainability program for food manufacturers and assisting disadvantaged job seekers in regions

  • maintains strong networks across industry and government

  • received significant recognition and awards for his achievements in skills development, innovation and policy change. 


Regional Development Australia ACT “RDA ACT” is a Not for Profit Association which:

i. Performs free facilitatory services under several Government contracts. These are services to identify and encourage more investment and positive job outcomes in Canberra and the Capital Region. They include programs for building export capability, product development, grants assistance and introductions to the digital, research community and into government.

ii. Offers a range of consulting services for small business. As a not for profit we charge only to recover costs. Our charges are significantly below the market rates of commercial providers for similar services.

Please contact us for a schedule of our fees

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