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Food in the Capital delay

14 Mar 2022

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This is our first full newsletter of 2022, apart from a dedicated email on the ACT Government Food & Fibre Strategy, mentioned again in this edition.

I want to welcome a new member of our team Carrie Wood a highly credentialed Digital Marketing Coordinator. She has previously assisted Chef Works, The Healthy Chef, and entities in the fashion industry. Welcome aboard!

In a world full of bad news it's good to remind ourselves of what’s important in life: as restrictions lift we return tentatively to share meals in Canberra’s restaurants and clubs. We hope you’ll consider those establishments which take local food sourcing seriously. Two that come to mind are the Canberra Inn in Lyneham and Parlour Wine Room in New Acton. If you patronize, cook in or own others please let us know and we will start naming and ‘farming’ here as a permanent feature.

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