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Strategic Priorities

The ACT Government has updated its short and medium term economic development priorities to further strengthen the Territory’s economic recovery. CBR Switched On: ACT’s Economic Development Priorities 2023-2025 builds on our 2016 Statement of Ambition with its focus on making Canberra an even more attractive place to live, work, study, do business and invest in.

The Territory has several challenges including rising house prices and rentals; a lack of skilled labour to fill jobs and a high overall cost and regulatory burden compared to parts of NSW. The rate of small business failure is high. The economy needs to diversify much more to become more resilient to external shocks including in the agrifood sector. Businesses face skills and workforce shortages, supply chain pressures, inflation, geopolitical unrest, public health requirements and ongoing restrictions on the movement of people and materials.

Strategic Directions

  • Facilitate outcomes, investment, jobs & local procurement

  • Promote regional awareness of Australian Government policies, grants & research

  • Improve commonwealth regional policy making with intelligence and evidence-based advice

  • Coordinate with ACT Government economic and social plans aligning with Commonwealth priorities


We will do this through:

  • Leadership & Alignment with government priorities

  • Knowledge management and business processes

  • Stakeholder engagement, collaboration & communication


RDA ACT will pursue its charter to grow investment and jobs through a focus on the food system as it aligns strongly with ACT Government economic plans, wellbeing measures, social development objectives and the Federal government’s regional priorities.  It also represents a gap in the spectrum of initiatives needed to achieve the Territory’s net zero emissions target by 2045.  As a trusted broker in the community, among a diverse range of stakeholder groups, RDA ACT’s independent collaboration capacities will be essential for achieving Government objectives.

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