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Capturing the Prize: ACT

The food and agribusiness opportunity in the ACT could be worth almost AUD$545 million by 2030 in value-added, resulting in 2,300 jobs. Link: Capturing the Prize ACT (

Capturing the Prize

Taken together, the value of the 19 opportunities assessed in this study could be worth nearly AUD545 million in the ACT by 2030, in terms of value-added. In perspective, this is over four times the current value-added by the food and agribusiness sector in the ACT. These opportunities could also create over 2,000 jobs – nearly a third higher than the territory's food and agribusiness workforce today. Post-farm gate opportunities constitute 96 per cent of potential value-added and potential jobs created. 85 per cent of these opportunities are geared towards improving production standards and supply chain capacity domestically.

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